About us

We are a Medellin based entertainment company, our focus is understanding and experiencing the reality of Medellin and its history

Our Mission

Offer the best services that impact and nourish our clients the most, use business to inspire and generate a positive change for Medellin. Through telling Medellin’s story and reality we strive for our services impacting the community and our employees. 

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the tour. We aim to deliver unique tours, for every single one of our clients. Always focusing on the history and backstory of what Medellin is. 

Our Founder

Manuel Cordoba:

Lawyer with a Masters in Public Policy, worked with communities affected by armed conflicts, public safety projects in Medellin, Social inclusion policy for Medellin’s mayors office. 

Exploring the city since 1984 Manuel is an urban historian and sociologist by nature, striving to improve Medellin for its citizens and tourists. I invite you to discover the stories of the city through its bars, parks, murals, and heritage buildings that create an open-air museum, as well as to share the stories of the city.

Our History

Medellin Galeria Tour started in 2017 as an initiative to give clarity and attention to a genuine perspective of Medellin, where our tours are curated towards the beauty that lies in the history of the city, outside of the usual narratives of violence.